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Burning the Future

In Burning the Future: Coal in America, writer/director David Novack examines the explosive forces that have set in motion a groundswell of conflict between the coal industry and residents of West Virginia.

Burning The Future: Coal in America
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Alternative Fuel Station Locator Now Online

Need to know where to buy E85 or other alternative fuels? The US Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center now has an online station locator. Just specify which kind of fuel you want, then enter your address, and the locator will map out the closest stations that sell that fuel.

It's as easy as that.

The site also provides information for truckstop electrification, total station counts, and an overview map of the United States.

21 Things You Didn't Know You Can Recycle
Investigating the state of waste management in our country, putting this list together for you, explaining how we can get serious about the three R’s – reducing, reusing, and recycling — and divert more waste away from landfills. 
Can baldness be blamed on air pollution?
A study suggests men living in polluted areas are more likely to go bald than those who enjoy a cleaner atmosphere. 
Clean Cities Success Story

Coalition Cooperation Defines Roadmap for E85 and Biodiesel

This success story describes how Colorado's Biofuels Coalition was formed and provides guidance on forming other such coalitions. Colorado's coalition successfully increased the number of biofuels fueling stations. They plan to add more as well as to assist with financing infrastructure, make alternative fuels available to more fleets, and educate people about E85 and biodiesel use.

Geothermal Energy Sources 101
Geothermal power plants are an almost pollution free source of electricity. Typically they are installed near shallow subsurface sources of steam and / or hot water characterized by faults, seismic activity, earthquakes and volcanoes. 


Clean Energy First!
December 19, 2007

Clean Energy First! is not sponsored by corporations - it's just the unvarnished view of national clean energy expert Scott Sklar.

Our Mission

A frank, no holds barred, bottom-line commentary and policy Web site.

No organization has been yet established to provide a focused "Clean Energy First" agenda in commentary, policy and politics. The world must move as aggressively as possible towards the maximum use of energy efficiency and conservation of energy, water and resources coupled with the maximum use of renewable energy for thermal and cooling (geo-exchange, geo and bio thermal, and solar thermal and daylighting) as well as renewable electric to include biomass, geothermal, solar (photovoltaics, concentrated solar power), wind and water technologies (tidal, wave, freeflow hydropower, and ocean currents and ocean thermal).

Natural gas should be utilized as an essential transition fuel while coal and nuclear are to be phased out. Waste heat, CFLs and LEDs, triple pane windows with maximum insulation and berming, advanced controls and remote diagnostics are to become standard technologies of day. The goal is to drive maximum transition o advanced clean technologies as fast as possible to address pollution (carcinogens, mercury, and regulated emissions such as SO2, NOx and particulates) as well as climate change gases; global security against terrorism and political instability, ease energy price fluctuations and curtailments of energy, and improve access by all the world to clean energy and maximum electric power quality - reliability without surges, sags and transients.

Membership to CEF Alert Service and Donations

Building awareness about clean energy requires several parallel approaches using media, the Internet, printed materials and displays. CEF wants to maximize exposure to clean energy options, initiatives, policies, and prime movers and users through newspaper ads on Capitol Hill to cutting edge displays and materials at key events and legislative times.

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Renewable Energy World

Fuming in DC: Time to Draw the Line (September 30, 2008)
Congress just adjourned for the Rosh Hashanah holiday and we in the clean energy industries are without a tax credit extension. And I am hopping mad, as Congress will soon adjourn for the national elections. 
Great Leadership in the Face of a Cynical Power Structure (July 30, 2008)
While we are importing ever more petroleum and natural gas, fighting two wars in the Middle East region, experiencing changes in our global climate -- it's time to acknowledge and support four U.S. leaders who are trying to make a difference. By any means, there are others who deserve our accolades, but these four epitomize the diversity of support and with true grit. These four have run counter to their contemporaries, not taken seriously when they began their quest for cleaner energy options, but continue to persevere. 
Mileage Costs of Plug-in Hybrids (August 26, 2008)
I continue to read with optimism the PHEV (plug-in hybrid vehicle) concept, especially the Chevy Volt. TESLA also put out a paper a while back (July, 2006) regarding its entry. My question is this: At US $0.10-0.12 a kWh from my local utility, how much will it cost me to drive the Volt's fully charged 40 miles? Since I don't have any idea how many miles per kWh it takes, I can't make the calculation...and I've looked at BTU and megajoule equivalents and I now have a headache. -- Art F., Dallas, TX 
National Electric Rate Comparisons (June 17, 2008)
Where can I find local and national electrical rate statistics? Specifically, I'm interested in the figures for average annual rate increases to help calculate the payback on renewable energy systems. Is anyone collecting this information? -- Alana N., Mount Vernon, WA 


Americans and Energy Policy: The Myth of the Partisan Divide

Calling all Ethanol and FFV supporters

The Flexible Fuel Vehicle Club of America is a web-based, membership driven, new community-of-interest. It is a consumer/users group. The Flexible Fuel Vehicle Club of America mission is very focused -- FFV owner awareness and increased E85 utilization. Our objective is to locate and educate the existing and new FFV owners, and then motivate them to continue to use higher blends of ethanol.

Alternative Fuel Station Locator

Need to know where to buy E85 or other alternative fuels? The US Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center

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Featured FYI

Big Oil's Friends in the Senate
Although there is plenty of blame to go around for the delay in extending the production tax credits, President Bush and Senate Republicans bear a heavy burden. 
Costs Surge for Building Power Plants
“There’s massive inflation in copper and nickel and stainless steel and concrete,” said John Krenecki, president and chief executive of GE Energy. The uncertainty is not just in nuclear plants, he said; coal plant prices are now similarly unstable. 
McCain Raises Concerns About Subsidies for Solar Power
Laura Meckler and Stephen Power report on the presidential race. Sen. John McCain made clear today that he is not comfortable with subsidies for solar power, though he has supported incentives for nuclear power plants and thinks more federal support is needed to encourage the industry.  
The latest investor in green energy - the CIA
Within hours, solar and wind energy units can be up and running in war or disaster zones. 

When it comes to terms like conservation, energy security and energy costs citizens and experts define them and think about them very differently. 
Distributed Energy Markets Expanding at Time of Uncertainty
EnergyPulse is the global forum for power industry professionals. EnergyPulse provides a two-way channel for experts and thought leaders in the industry to reach tens of thousands of their colleagues and peers with the latest developments, insights and analysis of the industry. 
Domenici: House Energy Bill Has Serious Flaws
U.S. Senator Pete Domenici, ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources, today said that the energy bill passed in the House of Representatives contains serious flaws, and should be opposed in the Senate. 
Energy lab basks in funding surge
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory was facing a $10 million budget cut last year and 40 layoffs. Today, the Golden-based lab is set to receive a $130 million infusion and 100 new hires.  
Popular Mechanics Bulb Test

Etopia News: HR 1424

Scott's recent interview with Etopia News: Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008
Scott Sklar talks about the passage of green investment tax credits and production of tax credits (HR 1424, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 in the House of Representatives with a vote of 263-171). President Bush has indicated that he will sign the bill into law within the next few days.

Sklar on Voice of America News

VOA NEWS: Individual 'Carbon Footprints' Can Be Measured on the Web
Carbon Footprint report on VOA News By Zulima Palacio (Washington, June 26, 2008)

Energy Expert Knows, Lives Green

Energy Expert Knows, Lives Green: Arlington Home Doubles As Green Lab
NBC4's Wendy Rieger Reports: A Profile In Green

Scott interviews with Etopia News

Scott speaks with Etopia News
Scott Sklar talks with Etopia News about the difficultly in getting Congress to extend investment and production tax credits for green energy, recorded from NYC, 6-18-08

Clean Green Office


Consumer Articles: Home Efficiency

Programs and Tips

Energy Star is the national program that rates appliances and promotes energy savings activities. Experts at the US Environmental Protection Agency and US Department of Energy have also sorts of programs and tips. Here are three sites: