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Burning the Future

In Burning the Future: Coal in America, writer/director David Novack examines the explosive forces that have set in motion a groundswell of conflict between the coal industry and residents of West Virginia.

Burning The Future: Coal in America
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Senate ENR: Hoorah!  Senate Passes Tax Extenders
Written by Administrator   
September 23, 2008

OK, the Senate did it's job and we owe the Senate Majority Leader Reid our thanks as well as Senators Baucus, Salazaar and Cantwell on the Democratic side and Senators Grassley and Ensign on the Republican side. The White House earlier basically said they will sign the Senate Bill. The problem will be the House where we need absolute maximum pressure on Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) and Steny Hoyer (D-MD), where they have a hodge podge of provisions far beyond the Senate Bill which the White House and House Republicans absolutely do not want. We need calls into their District offices that plea to split her Bill,and move the parts that match the Senate. It must happen next week or this vote does not matter. Time to call your Board Members, investors, employees, customers, friends and relatives focusing on Democratic Representatives ONLY for them to pressure their leadership on this approach.
- Scott Sklar

With a whopping 93-2 vote, the Senate today approved the long-stalled extensions of expiring tax credits for clean renewable energy and energy efficiency. The energy tax credits are part of a larger tax extenders bill (H.R. 6049) which includes other business and personal tax credits and a one-year "patch" for the Alternative Minimum Tax. The measure now travels to the House for final reconciliation.

Worth noting: the $17 billion energy tax provisions are fully offset with revenue-raisers, though the entire package is not. Jeff Bingaman chairs the Senate Energy Committee and is a senior member of the tax-writing Senate Finance Committee. Here is his cheery assessment:

BINGAMAN: Tax Extenders Will Boost Clean, Efficient Energy

"I have long maintained that targeted tax incentives are an essential element of a bold new energy policy for our country. These incentives' will play a critical role in promoting clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency, and in turn reducing our reliance on conventional fuels, promoting a more secure energy supply and combating global warming. Equally important, these tax credits will create high-paying jobs and reduce energy costs for all Americans.

"We've been trying for nearly two years to prevent these incentives from lapsing, and I believe we finally have the bipartisan, bicameral support to finally get the job done. And I'm very pleased that the White House said today that it supports passage of this legislation."

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