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Burning The Future: Coal in America
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Clinton/Sanders Bill on Interconnection and Net Metering - Senate Amendment
Written by Scott Sklar   
June 15, 2007
TO: The Clean Energy Community

FR: Scott Sklar

RE: Clinton/Sanders Bill on Interconnection and Net Metering - Senate Amendment
Senate Energy Bill will be voted on the Senate floor this week. An amendment will be brought to the Senate floor to require national interconnection standards for clean distributed generation under 2 MW, and a requirement for net metering. If your company or organization is involved with distributed generation for biopower, fuel cells, geothermal, hydropower (water energy), solar and wind -- this amendment is critical to get passed.

Because time is so short - please FAX a letter on your organization's stationary to the attention of your Senator's energy aide - asking them "to cosponsor and vote for the right to interconnect to the electric grid, and be paid for electricity generated greater than you use".

Please send on Monday - ASAP. Thank you.

Senate List

Senator ___________
Attn: Energy Aide
US Senate
Washington, DC 20510
Dear Senator _____ :

Daniel Akaka D-HI                 fax 202-224-2126
Lamar Alexander R-TN          fax 202-228-3398
Wayne Allard R-CO               fax 202-224-6471
Max Baucus     D-MT               fax 202-224-0515
Evan Bayh D-IN                    fax 202-228-1377
Robert Bennett     R-UT          fax 202-228-1168
Joseph Biden D-DE               fax 202-224-0139
Jeff Bingaman D-NM          fax 202-224-2852
Christopher Bond               fax 202-224-8149
Barbara Boxer D-CA          fax 415-956-6701
Sherrod Brown D-OH          fax 202-228-6321
Sam Brownback R-KS          fax 202-228-1265
Jim Bunning R-KS               fax 202-228-1373
Richard Burr R-NC               fax 202-228-2891
Roberty Byrd D-WV               fax 202-228-0002
Maria Cantwell D-WA          fax 202-228-0514
Benjamin Cardin D-MD          fax 202-224-1651
Thomas Carper D-DE          fax 202-224-2190
Robert Casey D-PA               fax 202-228-0604
Saxby Chamblis R-GA          fax 202-224-0103
Hillary Clinton D-NY               fax 202-228-0282
Tom Coburn R-OK               fax 202-224-6008
Thad Cochran R-MS               fax 202-224-9450
Norm Coleman R-MN          fax 202-224-1152
Susan Collins R-ME               fax 202-224-2691
Kent Conrad D-ND               fax 202-224-7776
Bob Corker R-TN               fax 202-228-0566
John Cornyn R-TX               fax 202-228-2856
Larry Craig     R-ID               fax 202-228-1067
Mike Crapo R-ID                    fax 202-228-1375
Jim DeMint R-SC               fax 202-228-5143
Christopher Dodd D-CT          fax 202-224-1083
Elizabeth Dole R-NC               fax 202-224-1100
Pete Domenici R-NM          fax 202-228-3261
Byron Dorgan D-ND               fax 202-224-1193
Richard Durbin D-IL               fax 202-228-0400
John Ensign R-NV               fax 202-224-2193
Michael Enzi R-WY               fax 202-228-0359
Russ Feingold D-WI                fax 202-224-2725
Diane Feinstein D-CA          fax 202-228-3954
Lindsey Graham R-SC          fax 202-224-3808
Charles Grassley R-IA          fax 202-224-6020
Judd Gregg R-NH               fax 202-224-4952
Chuck Hagel R-NE               fax 202-224-5213
Tom Harkin D-IA               fax 202-224-9369
Orrin Hatch R-UT                fax 202-224-6331
Kay Bailey Hutchison R-TX     fax 202-224-0776
James Inhofe R-OK               fax 202-228-0380
Daniel Inouye D-HI               fax 202-224-6747
Johnny Isakson R-GA          fax 202-228-0724
Tim Johnson D-SD               fax 202-228-5765
Edward Kennedy D-MA          fax 202-224-2417
John Kerry D-MA               fax 202-224-8525
Amy Klobuchar D-MN          fax 202-228-2186
Herbert Kohl D-WI               fax 202-224-9787
Jon Kyle R-AZ                    fax 202-224-2207
Mary Landrieu D-LA               fax 202-224-9735
Frank Lautenberg D-NJ          fax 202-228-4054
Patrick Leahy D-VT               fax 202-224-3479
Carl Levin D-MI                    fax 202-224-1388
Joseph Leiberman D-CT      fax 202-224-9750
Blanche Lincoln D-AR          fax 202-228-1371
Trent Lott R-MS                    fax 202-224-2262
Richard Lugar R-IN               fax 202-228-0360
Mel Martinez R-FL               fax 202-228-5171
John McCain R-AZ               fax 202-228-2862
Claire McCaskill D-MO          fax 202-224-0858
Mitch McConnell R-KY          fax 202-224-2499
Robert Menendez D-NJ          fax 202-228-2197
Barbara Mikulski D-MD          fax 202-224-8858
Lisa Murkowski R-AK          fax 202-224-5301
Patty Murray D-WA               fax 202-224-0238
Ben Nelson D-NE               fax 202-228-0012
Bill Nelson D-FL                    fax 202-228-2183
Barack Obama D-IL               fax 202-228-5417
Mark Pryor D-AR               fax 202-228-0908
Jack Reed D-RI                    fax 202-224-4680
Harry Reid D-NV               fax 202-224-7327
Pat Roberts R-KS               fax 202-224-3514
John RockefellerD-WV          fax 202-224-7665
Ken Salazar D-CO               fax 202-228-5036
Bernard Sanders I-VT          fax 202-228-0776
Charles Schumer D-NY          fax 202-228-3027
Jeff Sessions R-AL               fax 202-224-3149
Richard Shelby R-AL          fax 202-224-3416
Gordon Smith R-OR               fax 202-228-3997
Olympia Snowe R-ME          fax 202-224-1946
Arlen Specter R-PA               fax 202-228-1229
Debbie Stabenow D-MI          fax 202-228-0325
Ted Stevens R-AK               fax 202-224-2354
John Sununu R-NH               fax 202-228-4131
Jon Tester D-MT)               fax 202-224-8594
Craig Thomas R-WY               fax 202-224-1724
John Thune R-SD               fax 202-228-5429
David Vitter R-LA               fax 202-228-5061
George Voinovich R-OH          fax 202-228-1382
John Warner R-VA               fax 202-224-6295
James Webb D-VA               fax 202-228-6363
Sheldon Whitehouse D-RI     fax 202-224-6362
Ron Wyden D-OR               fax 202-228-2717

* Legislative alert sponsored by 'Clean Energy First!' (June 17, 2007)
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